Diaper Snail

What to you think of my little buddy! ; )

It all started with this lady's post http://thekeeperofcheerios.blogspot.com/2012/10/snail-diaper-cake.html?m=1 It was so cute I had to make for sis in law shower! I fallowed her directions on Rolling diapers in tissue paper I used Craft from Hobby lobby (went to three store they have the best selection of solid packs for a good $)

The things I did different ..1) I used rubber bands around the rolled diapers. 2) I used a jumbo rubber band around the whole snail body to hold it in place 3) then I wrapped the body in 3" tulle not ribbon 4) Rubber band again on head 6)  I glued that lace to the rubber band and used glue dots on the bottoms...5) I made my antennae from brown floral wire! I tied the head onto the tulle with string then covered that with more tulle. (husband had to help me with this one after laughing at my head falling off about 6 times) 6) I used huggies size 1 diapers and did even use all of the 2, 44 count packs I bought!

The ladies at the shower thought he was cute! Hope you enjoy him! Have a great Day!

Thanks again Keeper of the Cherrios for your great idea!

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  1. This snail is one of my absolutely favorite shower ideas ever! :-) -B