Diaper Raffle-Tickets & Basket

This is a another simple one but here ya go! Its the simple touches that add up right!

The basket was a find at a furniture store by my home! I brought it home and glued a small piece of tulle on it along with the paper roses. Shout out to my MOMMY for making the roses for me to work with! (She had knee surgery so I gave her something to do to keep her mind off things and that cool touch is what I got!!!)

The tickets I cut out of card stock on my Cricut and then stamped the little baby pin (thought best since diaper raffle!) and I stamped the line in white and I hand wrote name on each on cause I shocking didn't have small enough letter stamps! lol!

The ladies wrote there name on one if they brought her a pack of diapers and then at the end I had her pick one from basket! Was fun! Also a great way to get them some diapers which we all know can be a killer $$!

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  1. I look at what you made for this shower and think several of the items could easily fit into home decor. They are lovely! :-) -B