Jumbo Easter Egg

I know I know I am super late on this Easter post but had to share. Gives you time to get one done before next Easter if your life is like mine!

It all started with seeing this pin http://www.craftyendeavor.com/2012/03/08/easter-egg-garland/ she made this garland and all I could see was a big one sitting in the corner of my living room. So that is what I did! I went to Hobby Lobby and got this multi color crochet thread, they come in big spools and are still thin like the others. Then I asked my handsome husband to blow up a balloon for me! (I stink at that job very very bad!) I was pretty happy with the turn out. I had it in the corner of my room with a bunny and made me smile.

After I was done talked with my mom whom did these things in the 80's and she said she just used the liquid starch not the flour and she didn't have the little spots in between the strings she had to break off so I think next year I am going to try one like that and see what kind of luck I have!

I hope you enjoy and I hope you give it a try. Even though it takes time what a cool thing to have around!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh! That is beautiful! I love the soft colors and the delicate look of it. :-) -B