Texas LOVE

I was asked by a lady for a Texas  card for her to send to a friend! Well, how did I do? First thing I think of is blue bonnets!

I went with it and made them out of the perfect paper that had dark blue on one side and baby on the other. I then wrapped them around tooth picks and painted the tops white to give them the real look. I hope I was right and didn't jump off the deep end here! I was lucky to barrow the great milk jug stamp and went to town. Stamped it cut it out and edged with silver ink. I glued the blue bonnets to the back and put that on with foam tape.

I had to have the Texas flag but edged it with some ink to give it some age and must use glitter paper for the star! Behind the flag I used strips which I did a punch to top and tore the bottoms. The one with the round things is milk bottle caps (thought was to perfect with the milk jug and hello there is a TX on one!!!!) I sprayed the top of the strips with some ink spray before putting the flag on.

I hope you enjoy and I hope the lady that gets this enjoys it also!

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