Jumbo Rose-Book Paper

Another find on Pintrest but who would not want jumbo roses! Wow what a fun thing to have around! Hee! I am not gonna lie some curse words were said in the making and learning what to do for myself but I got it! http://www.studiodiy.com/2013/05/06/diy-giant-crepe-paper-roses/ here is the link that showed me what to do...(she has great pics etc)Then I played and trust me card stock doesn't work. Scrapbook paper and book paper and the crepe paper does too. NO tissues paper either trust me on all this!

Now I started with a book and tore the pages out and dyed the paper different colors. The brown/tan color is coffee. The pink, yellow and green leaves were food color...(If you were want more detail on this let me know. Then I fallowed her steps to make but the laves are my cool touch. They were mint green a little too pale so I took my Olive green ink pad and just rubbed it over the leaves once I cut them out. Gave this really cool texture look then I had to spray my mint green spray ink on it for a touch of shine!

I hope you all like them I thought so fun now onto more after I get my hands on some crepe paper! You shale see these again!


  1. Absolutely, positively gorgeous! I really like how the leaves turned out, too! And it was especially fun to see you working on it in person. You are a very talented friend indeed..........:-) -B

  2. Oh so very Pretty. Love the use of the older paper. Gives it a cool look and adds so much to the finished product. Great Job, Thanks for sharing.