Present Card

I was lucky to find some clearance card pack at Target by American Crafts
They make some nice stuff. I got it cause for $2 its a steal to have 8 cards and went to town to make them my own!

I'm going to show you the first 6 today made like the image on package with just some extra then will show you the other two separate as I went way off the image on them!

I feel these are good turn out, I added a few things. I put glitter on all yellow dots. I then tied twine through the button holes and then did a triple bow to go behind the buttons. Then placed there tag on after gluing button on. Just a little extra supplies and time and feel look that one step more!

Thank you American Crafts for making such a great product!

1 comment:

  1. The way you used glitter and twine makes it look like it should have been sold that way all along. Very professional and just the right finish to the cards. Way to take it up a notch! :-) -B