Love Notes, Mini Cards (take 4,last one)

Simple fun....the top heart is just stamped (I like how it looked rough more mainly I thought, go with it when you stamp and its not always perfect I find in the end it works out and looks like done on purpose.) then put some red glitter on the dots on top and the swirl on bottom.

The cute stamp was a MS sticker that I just put some glitter around the heart to make it mine! lol!

The light bulb, oh he was fun. Its funny one of the smallest images had so much detail could do. I colored yellow out side it and the heart in side with water color pencils and then the water pen made it just right! I used a gray chalk pen to color the metal bass and then glitter on the shine. The last touch which is hard to see in image was liquid glass on the bulb to give it a glass look! I think that might be my favorite one! 

Hope you enjoyed the mini cards of love notes! Have a Happy Valentines!!!

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  1. I like them all. The light bulb one is my favorite. Even though it is a small stamp------it just speaks so loudly and wonderfully. You did a great job on this! :-) -B