Love Notes, Mini Cards (take 3)

Ok on the top one I had to put teal on something and just so happen to have a teal heart eye let! So stamped my be mine in teal then placed the metal heart on it.

The two hearts together I stamped in purple then colored the hearts pink and around it with water colors and then went over with water pen. I then put glitter on the outline of hearts and the shine burst!

The bottom left I stamped the hearts and put some red flocking powder on three along with some crystal glitter on dots.

The basket was stamped and again water colors with some glitter...

I am placing these with the cleaver little gift at the coffee pot so each morning he gets it while he makes his coffee! FUN?!?!?!?

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  1. The blue heart is perfect. The flocking genius. And I think it is soooooo neat that you are putting them by the coffee pot in the mornings. He better think he's something special!. :-) -B