Gentle Wishes Cards


I know you all have seen a few of these kind of cards...this is what I did I saw a card kit at Big Lots (cards on budget!) it said to make 8 cards for $1 what? who would pass that up. So I got it and this is what my twist was on there cards...TPC Studio was the company ( I am sorry but was not able to pull up there web site to link for you, is what on my package.)
On these two cards I used a friends stamp and went to town making the mouse pop with water color pencils and then glitter and some embellishments. Think worth the extra step to make them more of my own then there layouts BUT great start kit for a person wanting to make cards but have trouble on which way to go first!

Hope you enjoy and if you missed the others check them out in my cards section! I have a couple more Target Clearance sets I will show you soon!

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  1. You have so many good ideas. I need to think beyond the box when I go shopping so I can use great finds like these and turn them into works of art. Thanks for inspiring me, friend! :-) -B