Christmas Card Storage

I'm a silly and forgot to take a before pic so this is not as fun to show!

Just close your eyes and imagine a bright orange (summer orange almost neon) with  hot pink 3D Gerber daisies in the center of each side square now open your eyes and look at my pics! lol!

I had to have the hubby pop off the daisies then I went to town with roughing it up with something of his (it was messy) then I painted it this great red! Festive I feel! I was going to antique it but in person it has dark and light spots so decided to save the step. Took some MS paper and some Michaels paper and mod podge in the squares. The last thing I did was use some liquid glass on the deer and some glitter on the tress! It looked great on my bar for the season to place all those holiday cards!

Hope this inspires you to take something old you don't like anymore and change to your new style!

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