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Wow wow and more wow! So as you all can probably tell I am still kinda new at all the blog stuff. I just thought hey it would be fun to show people some of the things that I create (you know how sometimes you try to explane "yeah I craft" to a person, they look at you like you glue construction paper like a 1 yr old! lol) and so I had a place to show people what I do if they ever wanted me to make anything!

One of my goals for 2014 is to get more people to fallow me if they enjoy seeing what I make and do. I don't care if its for just "hey that's cool", or for "oh I want to go make one like that for me" whatever it may be if you enjoy seeing it then I would love to have ya!

Well my dear friend has a fantastic blog (she is the sweetie that gave me this special award!) please go check them out, its some great work and great ideas to be seen! I would like to give her this award right back! Brenda and Joanie please accept this award for your blog as you two inspire me a lot and I enjoy getting the emails with your post in my box!!!!!!

You all have a wonderful day and thanks for reading my blab!

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  1. Love ya, friend. You deserve the award. I'm glad I could make you smile. :-) -B