Baby Shower Wreath

This was such fun again! Oh I love to make things!

It started with the felt flowers one by one I made those...all of these I learned how to make on Pintrest there is a ton of ways to do you just gotta find what you enjoy best but that gray large one it just always such a pleasure when I am done (it takes the longest to make but what a impact it has!) I put a floral center in that  white and silver and thanks to my hubby I glued it so well he had to drill the hole for me to poke that in. If you craft its nice to have someone have a solution to your problem right?

I used hot pink and a dark purple with some light purple with the gray. For the name I used chip board banner that I mod podged the patter paper on and then made them rough a little by sanding them and then edging them in the dark purple. I used CTMH letter stickers on them and tied it on with lace.

I hope this inspires you to make a felt flower and have some fun! Have a great day!!!!

I also hope the ladies enjoy this at the baby shower! Hugs from many miles ladies!


  1. Cute ideas! I especially like your jar crafts.

  2. Ohhhhhh! I wanna make a valentine one........and one for Spring.......and.....:-) Love the different colors and flower styles. And the banner name is juuuuust right. :-) -B