Winter Jar

I am sure you have all seen this by now on pintrest or some other place but I loved it and had to give it a shot! What do you think? I am enjoying it on my table very much!
I took my HEB spaghetti jar and once cleaned it up (took label off with goo gone and then washed in dishwasher) I then picked out paper for my lid I used this ladies technique to get it on there just right. Your almost done now. I then hot glued the tree in (I got mine at the dollar tree) then poured in some loose fake snow ( you can get at most stores this time of year) and of course I had to had some glitter so a little of that I then tied some lace around the top and what a winter joy to see,especially for those of us who don't get the snow! I left the snow loose for the little man to shake it up from time to time!
Look out people some Christmas gifts next year here I come! ; )


  1. SUUUUPER cute. Great conversation starter. Could be used with different things inside for more than Christmas. Love how you wrapped the lid, too! :-) -B

  2. Love it. Sorry you do not get snow. If I could I would send you some of ours. Thanks for the link to how to put paper on the lid. That will be super helpful. I might have to try this.