The Reason for the Season

I just felt this one this year! This is my cards I mailed out...I borrowed my buddies stamp set and I just love it!

I bought the cards and envelopes and Michael's (It was worth the $6 to save time!) I then got a old book from the library they were giving away free (it was from 1955 too bonus!!!!) I stamped and embossed onto the book paper. The pictures don't show but because old book had this odd texture to it but I was told looked kinda cool so embraced it and moved on!
I cut out the green card stock strip and stamped on it. Then put some gold/white twine on to it and some of those flat gloss pearl like embellishments (I am going crazy over them there better then the pearls cause there not as thick...)
I cut out the inside on white card stock on the Cricut and stamped my verse then edged them with a beige color and then gold ink just to blend so not a white blob on the brown card...

What do you think????? I hope all enjoy it and please all of you have a blessed safe holiday! Merry Merry Christmas!


  1. I love it SO much I want to CASE it for next year. :-) Seriously! :-)

  2. What a eat idea using the old book. Really like this card.