Gingerbread Man

Cutie Pie! This one I used Liquid glass on the bottom pattern paper on the candy cane, tree and wreath. I loved the texture of the twine ribbon stuff! I then added my touch to our gingerbread man. I used some t shirt puffy paint to go over there white printed icing. I feel the messy not perfect doing of the paint made it look so much more real!
I then put on some red pearls for the buttons felt was a nice food look with out over kill to the little guy!

Hope your enjoying some of those holiday sweets we all love, this makes me want to go bake some little men right now!


  1. Cool gingerbread card. I LOVE how the gingerbread looks and feels like the real deal with all the details. I also like the "tag effect." Clever! :-) -B

  2. Great card. I like the picture from the side so we can see the layers of the gingerbread guy.