Superhero party-Misc items


 So in the first pic I put a cool "boom" from a Pinterest link she has great print outs and I used a ton...I put this one on a $ tree container for fun and you will see them again in another post soon...I put a small touch of glitter and liquid glass to jazz this one up. I wanted to pic the horns because I took $ tree horns and I put on cool superhero stickers on the ends and made them look like I got superhero horns! Clever huh? I got the stickers at target but it was there summer seasonal thing...

The second pic is a water bottle (I wanted to make them festive too!) I got that super great duck tape and just took the labels off and put duck tape on. They were in the cooler for hours and still looked great after all that! Just FYI I got the comic one at Michael's so I could use my 40% coupon on each roll! Took me 2 rolls for 32 bottles and I have extra.

Photo three I took a wood N from Michael's painted the edges yellow then took sandpaper to it to make it look rough. I took CTMH scrapbook paper and modge podged it to the N then took another paper I cut out the Thwack words and put them on some metal I curled with a pencil and glued so it stuck off the letter. This is another $ tree container I put this on to hold the goody bags!

Last but not least was our Tic Tac labels (one his favorite things!) I got them from They did great work they came fast, looked great, and easy to put on them! What a great match to our party!

What do you think of the small items I feel these were the small touches as they didn't take the time or effort of the jumbo $ or the game post to come! Have a great day!

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  1. What do I think? I think you need to get these pinned to Pinterest so that more people can see what great things you've come up with. :-) Love the "N" and think it would be cute in a boy's room........ :-) -B