Superhero Party-Jumbo 4

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest its about 4ft tall and made from a very thick cardboard box (Thank God my husband gave a helping hand on this one I am good at crafts not measurements and sorting out parts to make a 3D item! ha!) So I marked the box he cut out (plus I'm really bad with sharp objects!) and then I helped him tape it all up and then did my work. I was lucky and found a book of I think top 20 spider man comics in one at the library for 25 cents! I took the pages out and just started mode podge on to the number just angles and turned as I needed to place and cover the box. I thought it was pretty cool and my son was pleased with it also.
Again trying to play catch up and not giving lots of details on these things if you have any questions for me just send me a comment and I will let ya know!
Have a great day!

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  1. I really like how you found something for 25 cents at the library and turned it into something people would pay a whole lot more for if they bought it at a store. Very resourceful and super creative! :-) -B