Superhero Party-Capes/Mask

These were part of there take home goodies I did for the party I let them pick there color when they came into the party! I spent some time on these but think were worth it. I got my felt at Michael's (for some reason the orange bolt did not pic well it was a soft orange very nice) but I did navy with the orange/yellow/red bolts. I took one of my kiddos capes and a fabric pencil and tracked it on the felt then cut them out. I did the same with the bolts but printed that image off line. I used Velcro circles for them to take on and put on easy...the mask were that craft foam it was a kit from Target (again sorry in there summer stuff clearance out) and I made them all to package but the yellow I had to go get some stars and make up because the set was pink stuff for that one! The kids seemed to like my son is running around with his on still...So again the capes were just felt and traced and cut NO SEWING thank goodness I am not a pro at that and would have taken a ton of time!
Let me know what ya think and if you have questions again just pop me a comment!

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  1. These are like icing on cake and made for an awesome party. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for next year! :-)