Mad Science Party-Invites

This was a fun theme! I just took a lime green cardstock for background of the printed image which has the party information on it! I made this post card style with the science beakers and tube on top. I tore the bottom it made me think of the papers laying on a scientist desk...
I got a white shimmer paper form Michaels and cut it out with the Cricut "locker talk" I also cut out a black out one to go behind it and give it a shadow look and more support...I used liquid glass over all the detail cuts and a sparkle pattern paper for the inside of the left beaker. I used micro beads on the inside of the middle beaker and yellow velum on the right tube but then used Liquid Applique to make the white foam on that to bubble out! I think pretty cool looking and the kiddo it was for enjoyed them so makes me happy!
What do you think of this one?

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