Star 4 Birthday


As you can see this is a 4th birthday card! I enjoyed this so thought I would share. I cut the card out on the Cricut with the Wild Card (Thanks friend for letting me use that!) in this great card stock (thanks friend! lol!) it has some color specks in it the pics don't give justice too! I stamped the happy bday inside and colored the blank spots on it with a yellow chalk pen. I then did up the front with fun. Tied some twine and put on a D sticker along with a 3D star sticker and glued on some felt arrows and one silver Twinkle Goosebumps (love them go check out on Queen& Co. if you want!) I last but not least sprayed some tan shimmer spray on the inside top left and bottom corners just add that rougher boy look to it! Hope you like this and I hope the birthday boy does too! Have a star filled day!

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  1. This is GREAT! I wanna make one and I wasn't feelin' it when I saw it on the Cricut cartridge. Thank you for making it in your trendy, cool, slightly collage fashion. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "I love your style!" :-) -B