This was for a special lady (I am not sure if will ever make another! lol) I saw this on pintrest but the lady doesn't show any kind of how to or let ya know what she did so I swung it and here is what I did! I took a TP roll and cut it to the height I wanted, then cut it down so I only had a moon shape and then covered it in craft glue and put all the crinkle paper on that. I had to let a lot dry on this so took lots of small steps. I also in the mean time paired up paper and made the card so back ground was all done. Washi tape again! woohoo! I folded the cupcake wrapper so would press flat to card. While that dried I glued the balls in the cupcake then glued  the "cupcake" inside the wrapper. This mad my wrapper look bad so I then glued another wrapper on to bottom. Glued the candle (I had to burn to give a real look I'm crazy I know) and a bow, butterfly sticker and the final touch is a new find (from the CK scrapbook convention!) called "Twinkle Goosebumps" this is were you can buy them I feel in LOVE with these little things when I saw them wanted every color but only got a few might have to order more... I thought they were the perfect touch for my card finished the whole idea for me! I wish my pics gave them the justice they really have!...Hope you enjoy this and hope you try one it was a fun idea and she loved it! Make sure you get some "goosebumps" too!

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