Awesome Phone

A friends birthday came and I got out some more of the Big Lots kit but had to add my fun. SO I again took liquid glass to the large sticker I put it all over the phone. I cut out the 100% awesome and the teal tag from a CTMH pattern paper. I had the small real cut out from another project left over. I just played till I had the look I wanted on the card before I taped them all down. I glued the lace down first too! I then just started adding things till I was happy. There is some white sequins to the lower corner and beside the phone. I put a flower sticker on there with some rhinestones  I also sanded this card wasn't beat up enough for me! Hope you enjoy are these colors not great fun but nice on the eyes!

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  1. Oh yeah! This is a really fun card! That phone is super cute. Well done. :-) -B