Sweet baby

This was fun to make I have the mini pin wheels made with CTMH paper. I have the pattern paper that was pre-cut with the dips and then washi tape and some recollections glitter tape oh and the sequin again! I stamped the Little Suzie Zoo duck and had tons of fun. Colored him with chalk pens and then traced that with a felt marker. I then took a glue pen and did the yellow to add some sparkle to him. I stamped the sweet baby. I then took some nude tones and when around the edge to give it more of a warm glow and wala! ; ) I don't know about y'all as you can tell from other work I am a brown paper/bag kinda girl. I love the way you can add things to make it whatever kinda theme or style for the person getting the gift. In this case I did some pretty ribbon from Michael's and made a big pinwheel to go with cards feel and makes the package better then the normal bows. I wanted to show you the wrap job for those whom make cards see how I skipped the envelope and just make the card that you spend so much time on the high light to the wrapping! Woohoo hard work being enjoyed and seen more.

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  1. Awwwwwwee! This card is sweet and adorable. :-) I love the way you incorporated all the different elements. The pinwheels were a great visual touch, too. You're on a roll, friend! :-) -B