Book Flower Cross

This TP cross is a dark coral color and I used some hand me down lace behind it. I used a felt in a dark gray for one flower, another crochet flower above that and the cream and black one is made from a old book! This is a link on a how to make on that one. I don't know about yall but our library had a great sale section were you can pick up old books for reading or for people like me crafts! I love the way old books smell they feel like history in your hands but how fun to give them new life! :) I know I'm a little silly but its looks great! Let me know what you think! (again if you have not seen the TP cross hope over to my "other crafts" section)

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  1. I keep forgetting about using old books. What a terrific idea! Thanks for sharing that handy tip with us. :-) -B