Pipe cleaner Flowers

I got this out of a catalog over a decade ago and have enjoyed since. For this size flower I take a stem and cut it in half. I then fold it into the petal shape I want and leave extra at the bottom to wrap all the petals together. You then put glue around the petal and glue to pattern paper (this is great for scraps!) after there dry cut out against the pipe cleaner. Wrap the bottoms of the petals together Then you put in a center. I used buttons and a pom pom in one. I used this bunch for a new baby! You can make the flowers bigger by using the whole pipe cleaner to make one petal. If you have questions let me know!

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  1. These little flowers are sooooo terrific. I want to spend the day just making a bouquet of them. Maybe I can do that for my daughter's teacher....

    Thanks for starting this blog! It's going to be so fun to come here for inspiration. :-) -Brenda